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Gostilna Pri Lojzetu - naslovna fotka

Tomaž Kavčič

Tomaž Kavčič or Tomi is not just a chef - he is much more than that He is an artist who creates the most beautiful, delicious and accomplished dishes to be found in his restaurant Pri Lojzetu in the beautiful baroque Zemono mansion located near Ajdovščina. He is also a culinary star (although he has not (yet) been awarded any Michelin stars) who has added Slovenia to the culinary map of the world. He is taken so seriously in the world of contemporary cuisine that he was visited this spring at Zemono by members of the Cook it Raw! movement, established in Copenhagen in 2009 by Alessandro Porcelli in collaboration with Rene Redzepi (the best chef of that year, according to San Pelegrino) and Andrea Petrini. That evening, with Zemono glowing in the shine of Michelin stars, Tomi successfully presented his variation on the theme of a return to the culinary simplicity of our ancestors to these culinary giants and proved yet again that his reputation - now a legend rather than just a trend - is welldeserved.

With his extraordinary imagination, plenty of hard work and experimenting and his great love for the local identity, Tomi has reached a position where he is constantly being invited as a special guest to the most important oenological and gastronomical events (at this year's Identità Golose, a conference on fine Italian cuisine, he had the honour of concluding the lecturing part of the conference and preparing the final dinner together with the other members of the Slovenian delegation), his restaurant is being added to the most important Slovenian and foreign restaurant guides and he has been awarded several memberships in elite chef associations (such as Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe) and prestigious awards (the latest of which is the Italian Cuoco d'Oro award).

The latest invitation - and one of the most important ones Tomi has received - came three months ago, when the Belgian President of the European Union asked him to prepare a lunch in Brussels for the Prime Ministers of the EU member countries. So he did - in mid-September this year, for 27 Prime Ministers and six of the most important politicians of the European Union. It was excellent, of course! Where and what Tomi will create next is still a mystery, but undoubtedly it will be - in his own modest words - the -result of a small idea... «