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Decisions, decisions, decisions

The place, the style, the budget, it all comes down to the decisions. None of them are easy and the fact that there are so many of them does not help at all. Ultimately, these decisions can be made a lot easier by knowing what sort of a wedding you want. By setting the style, date and location, everything else falls into place.

Civil or church? While some prefer to keep religion out of their wedding, others wish for a more traditional ceremony that includes a wedding recognised by a church. Both ways are practiced in Slovenia, although you may find it a bit more difficult to arrange if you are practicing a religion other than Catholic, Muslim or Orthodox Christian.

Royal wedding: Renaissance weddings became a trend in Slovenia a few years ago and have been growing in popularity ever since. Most likely it is due to the fact that Slovenia has numerous locations that enable such events to take place in the authentic environment of magnificent 17th century castles and mansions throughout the country.

The castles Stari Grad Celje, Grad Mokrice, Ptujski Grad and many others offer weddings in a Renaissance style, complete with period clothing, court jesters, fanfares and harps as a musical background, getting wed by the lord of the castle and rounded out by an amazing feast. In short, hey will do everything in their power to make the happy couple and their guests feel like royalty.

All these venues offer something unique and special; it is, however, a widely accepted fact, that among all the castles and mansions in Slovenia, none can compare with Castle Zemono, where they deal with each and every wedding (and other events as well) in a unique manner, making it as individual and personalized as it can be. One of their special aspects, making it even more exquisite, is unparlleled cuisine, provided by the award-winning cooks of Gostilna pri Lojzetu restaurant.